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Professional Statistical Website Data Service

The perfect partner for WebCreator websites!

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UKPages WebStats service is the best web site tracking service on the web. Our Stats Service will track visitors to your web site around the clock and you can check them at any time using a web browser from anywhere in the world! Our service is very easy to use and offers more valuable statistics than any other service and its a lot cheaper than other website stats packages.

Simply sign up, insert a snippet of code into your page (provided to you), and you are on your way. It starts tracking visitors to your website immediately to give you a comprehensive breakdown and we really do mean comprehensive, you can see which search engines people used to get to your website and the search phrases entered!  We provide you a link to your personalized statistical reports page that you can access from anywhere in the world through a web browser.

To view your website stats you then simply click on the small link on your website, a small graphic which you can choose which takes you to your personal stats area. Its that simple.

*If you are a WebCreator user simply insert the code provided into one of your text boxes.

Demo screen of site stats screen here using layout 1 or login to the demo area (above)above to see what your admin panel looks like username: demo password: demo

Simply we are the best in service for small to midsize websites that needs statistical tracking. You can track the success of your advertising campaigns, which search engine is giving you the most traffic or what time of day your website is busiest, top referrers and of course, number of visits to your website.

Unlike other hard to understand statistics, our 30 days trend view graph is the easiest way to tell how is your site doing without clicking all over the place.

We would love to offer this service free of charge but that would mean putting it on a free hosting service. As these are notoriously unreliable, have pop up advertising banners and can go under at any point this will directly affect the quality of what we want to give you; Quality, professional website stats. The cost covers hosting WebStats on top quality servers which give you a reliable service with no advertising or banners pop ups. Just good clean comprehensive stats. Your email address is not spammed and sold on.

You get maintenance and support, lost passwords recovery service etc. You can pay an awful lot more for an awful lot less. Remember, WebStats is not just a counter!  It can help you target your advertising and website success.

  • Counter
    display number of hits and unique hits

  • Summary
    -Search terms used to find your website
    -Convenient last 15 hits
    -Summary of total hits
    -Summary of unique hits
    -Hits by Browsers
    -Hits by Screen Resolution
    -Nice graphical view of statistics

  • Referrers
    -Hits by your referrers
    -Top ranked referrers
    -Which search engines referred (linked) your website
    -clearly see where traffic is coming from
  • URL
    -Hits by urls(pages)
    -Top ranked urls

  • Country
    -Hits by countries (networks)
    -Top ranked countries
  • NO Advertising
    -No pop ups, no spam, just quality stats
  • User
    -Hits by ips
    -Top ranked ips

  • Cheaper
    -Cheaper than leading stats

  • Choice of Layouts
    -Lots of layouts (skins) to choose from to suit your preferences

  • WebStats is run on dedicated servers so you know your website is always being monitored.
  • and much much more.

All this information for just 25 p/a 

Why Pay More?

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